Preparing for an interview

Interview preparation

  • Be Prepared - Attitude and Aptitude
  • Have good questions to ask your interviewer - you are interviewing them as well, it is very professional and you are showing interest in their company and position
  • Do some research into the company
  • Search on the internet, for the latest media reports and information on the company you will be interviewing with and the person whom is interviewing you? Obviously their website as well.
  • Review your own personal social media accounts (facebook, twitter) and ask yourself if any public content (including profile pictures) are appropriate for prospective employers to view.
  • In addition, take some time to review your professional social media profiles (LinkedIn) to ensure it is accurate, up-to-date and matches the content supplied to prospective employers in your resume.
  • Find out what style the interview will be conducted in
  • Ask your consultant what the interviewer does not like
  • Be yourself!  Be Honest!

Think to yourself

  • What can you do for them?
  • Why should they hire you?
  • What are my strengths for the position?
  • Why am I better than other people?


  • People will sum you up in the first 2 minutes – First impressions count!
  • Dress Conservatively, Ladies- no cleavage, short tiny skirts
  • Gents - no hairy chests, or gold flashy jewellery please. 
  • Be Professional and wear a bit of colour,
  • Take out your tongue, lip, nose, eyebrow and tummy button rings
  • Clean nails, body and freshly pressed clothes
  • Ladies conservative make up – tone down the colours
  • Know your resume, your questions will be based on it

At the end of the Interview

  • Ask the interviewer
  • "how they think you are suited to their role or company"
  • "If they had any reservation"
  • Thank them very much for the opportunity and their time.

Interview questions


Competency based interview questions (PDF)