Take a Traditional Marketing Approach to Connect and Compel

Recruitment is like marketing, Identify how to reach target audience and create messages designed to clearly and concisely sell your role conveying  the benefits on offer. Today, social media has emerged as a new tool to connect with potential nursing candidates. Linking to websites from social media tools like Facebook and LinkedIn can help to raise awareness and create a pool of candidates.

Streamline the Recruitment Process

It is more important than ever to ensure the recruitment process is efficient. The longer the process takes, the greater the odds that a candidate will find and accept an offer from another organization. From recruitment through screening, through interviewing and making the offer, we work smartly and effectively to take out as many unnecessary steps to streamline the process so that offers can be made expeditiously.

Professional Networking

  • Candidate referral programs can be a great way to find qualified talent.  Encourage contacts to think about those they know who may be qualified for open positions.

  • International contacts and utilising Specialist consultants services to assist when needed

  • Extensive Database of contacts to utilise

  • Direct Marketing to Candidates / Head Hunting / Executive Search / Account Managers for prospective candidates

Stand out from the normal

  • Offer incentives for referral and repeat business

  • Remember birthdays, stay in touch by phone, email, skype or txt

  • Send a welcome gift or make them feel appreciated in some way.

  • Give support staying flexible wherever it is needed; find accommodation, travel costs, bonds, transport to work

  • Offer information, training on areas where skill needs to be improved 

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses Relative to the Competition

It's important to know who you will be competing against with regard to your nursing recruitment efforts. Knowing who the competitors are, what pay and benefits they offer and what their work/life balance and culture are like can help to identify areas in which your organization excels. These areas can be used as points in recruitment messages that are shared through a wide range of communication media.

Shared Cost with Display Advertising for News print

  • This is expensive, however at times captures those candidates not actively looking but are attracted to the advertisement when browsing.
  • Happy to share cost on Displayed advertising to promote your brand in a multiply of medias, this would be with an exclusive role only, where a outcome is highly likely.

Region cover

  • Nation wide recruitment
  • Focus on NSW/ACT as based here